Big Move for QERM

After several years of discussions and debate, the QERM core faculty voted in 2017 to move the program from the Graduate School (where it had been administratively housed since its establishment in 1990) to the College of the Environment. During these discussions, it was often noted that if the College of the Environment had existed in 1990, QERM would have likely been placed there in the beginning due to the interdisciplinary nature of the College. (Note: The College of the Environment was established circa 2010.)

Moving into the College was not only an administrative exercise but a physical move as well. During the summer of 2017, the QERM office moved from its long-time stomping grounds in Loew Hall to its new home in the Ocean Teaching Building along the waterfront in the South Campus area. The new space includes an administrative office for the QERM Academic Advisor, office spaces (with a view) for the incoming first-year students, a conference room/group working space, and most importantly, a gathering space for the program’s long-standing soup tradition.

QERM alumni, John Reynolds, joined us for soup in our new digs in late October. As a member of one of the earliest QERM cohorts, he was able to tell us the origins of the QERM soup tradition. It all began in the kitchen of the then-office of CQS, located just just a stone’s throw from where we meet now! (And we still have the sign from the old office location.)