Frequently Asked Questions

If accepted to the program, will I receive any financial support?

Generally, the QERM program provides entering students with a first-year support package that includes a tuition waiver, stipend for living expenses, and health insurance.(refer to link “Regular (Non-Variable Rate) TA/RA/SA Salary Schedule”). Thereafter, students receive funding through fellowships, research, and/or teaching assistantships. Upon admission, QERM pledges 2.5 and 4.5 years of funding for M.S. and Ph.D. students, respectively.

What educational background do I need in order to apply?

QERM students come from a variety of academic backgrounds including (but not limited to): mathematics and / or statistics, combined with biology, ecology and evolution, environmental science, epidemiology, public health, physics, resource economics, or resource management.

Refer to admissions criteria for specific course requirements and recommendations

Do I need extensive prior coursework in both quantitative sciences and ecology / resource management?

No!  Many applicants have extensive training in quantitative science but less background in ecology and resource management.  Other applicants have extensive experience in ecology and resource management subject matter and have only met the minimum required quantitative preparation.  Both groups of students are welcome to apply, and we evaluate the entire student in terms of their potential to succeed in QERM.

When is the deadline to apply?

The application deadline changes slightly each year, but is usually mid-December.  Please refer to the mygrad page for the specific date.

How do I apply?

Applications to the Graduate School must be submitted on-line. For more information on the application process, please see the applications procedure and/or international students. Application materials are slightly different for domestic and international, so please read carefully.

I plan to apply by the deadline, but what if my application is delayed?

Students should make every effort to complete the application by the deadline. If letters of recommendation will be delayed, please notify our office.

Must I also apply to the UW Graduate School?

Yes, the UW Graduate School manages all incoming applications material. Our program has online access to this information as well. We have access to online applications, test scores, curriculum vitae, personal statement, recommendation letters, etc.

I just have a resume. Will I be penalized for not submitting a curriculum vitae?

Not at all. A curriculum vitae is best for those who have already been published.

May I submit various papers or publications?

These are not required, but may be submitted if you wish.

I wish to submit all of my materials at one time to the program, but I have not received my letters of recommendation and/or transcripts. I’m concerned that I will miss the deadline. What do I do?

For tardy recommendations, applicants should immediately contact the parties involved and ask them to submit their recommendation as soon as possible. It may be better to ask someone else for a letter of recommendation and not to wait for a tardy recommendation. Applicants concerned about missing the application deadline should contact the CQS Academic Advisor.

I’m an international student. Do I have to take an English Proficiency test?

Please see the UW Graduate School site regarding the English proficiency requirement.

Which English test should I take?

The UW Graduate School will only accept the TOEFL. For more information about the tests and scores, see the UW Graduate School Admissions.

How does the Program evaluate applications to its graduate program?

We apply holistic admissions review that examines many dimensions of student’s aptitude for QERM.  These include: intellectual capacity; quantitative preparation;  biology / ecology/ resource management preparation; mature and reasoned motivation for graduate school, perseverance and initiative; writing ability.  Faculty reviewers apply this template.

How will I know when my file is complete or if I am missing any materials?

Applicants should check their UW Graduate School online application for the current status of their application. Our Graduate Program Advisor will notify applicants shortly after the application deadline if additional material is needed.

What is the “by-pass” option and why does it exist?

We have a unique process whereby (1) incoming students without thesis-based graduate degree begin in the M.S. program (2) students with thesis-based graduate degrees enter in the Ph.D. program and (3) students in the M.S. program can switch into the Ph.D. program after meeting requirements.  We do this for maximum flexibility.  Consider a student that has just finished their B.S. and is keen to get a Ph.D.  They have no idea what graduate school is like, what demands the Ph.D. program will place on them, and are just learning what areas of study they want to specialize in.  Now suppose this student is two years into a Ph.D. program and has decided that Ph.D. level research is not for them or that they really want to study something else, either in different lab, different program, or different university.  What are the student’s options then?  Leave with no degree and start over?

By allowing a flexible set of degree pathways, we believe that students are given more options and can choose the pathways that makes sense for you.  If you wish, you may indicate on your Statement of Purpose that you indent to pursue a by-pass into the Ph.D.

By requiring all students with similar backgrounds to enter the program in the same way, we avoid having two tiers of students (some who enter into the M.S. track and others who enter in the Ph.D. track). We value the M.S. degree as a significant accomplishment, not a consolation prize for students that are not successful at obtaining a Ph.D. Thus, our admissions model also enhances moral and camaraderie among the students

How long do students take to complete their degree?

The modal time to completion is 2.5 years for M.S. students, 4.5 years for Ph.D. students, and roughly 5.5. years for M.S. students who bypass to the Ph.D program.

What if I have additional questions that aren’t answered here?

We recommend you check out the FAQs put together by current QERM students. Also, feel free to contact the CQS Academic Advisor, faculty, or students. We are all happy to answer any of your questions.

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