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Alumni Update: Dr. Eric L. Charnov

Theoretical Population Biology will be releasing a special issue in June, celebrating the journal’s 50th anniversary. Eric L. Charnov (graduated 1973), Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology of University of Utah and University of New Mexico, received special recognition in the special issue by the journal’s Editor-in-Chief for his 1976 paper titled, “Optimal foraging: The marginal value theorem.” This paper was part of his 1973 doctoral thesis. 

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Student News: Lily McGill

Lily McGill, a National Science Foundation (NSF) fellow, received an additional fellowship through the NSF Graduate Research Internship Program. This fellowship allowed her to complete an internship during the fall quarter (2019) at the EPA Western Ecology Division in Corvallis, Oregon where she collaborated with Dr. 

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QERM Graduation: Hannah Sipe

QERM graduate student, Hannah Sipe completed her master’s degree autumn quarter (2019).
She successfully defended her master’s thesis “Multi-state occupancy modeling and optimal allocation of survey resources for Common Loons in Washington State” under the guidance of her master’s supervisory committee chair Sarah J. 

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New QERM Faculty

QERM is always expanding its faculty to strengthen its interdisciplinary network. Over the past year, we added the following new faculty members who will bring additional expertise and opportunities for the QERM students. 

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Alumni News: Cole Monnahan

Cole Monnahan (QERM graduate 2017) recently accepted a position with the National Marine Fisheries Service Alaska Fisheries Science Center. He will be joining the Status of Stocks and Multispecies Assessment Program, which works to “incorporate biological and oceanographic data collected by NOAA Fisheries and others into statistical models to detect trends in abundance, predict future fish population size and provide recommendations to resource managers on safe harvest limits for commercial, recreational and subsistence fisheries in Alaska.”  

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Alumni News: Kiva Oken

Kiva Oken (QERM graduate 2016) recently accepted a faculty position at UC Davis in the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology, that began this winter quarter (2020). Her quantitative fisheries ecology lab will focus on using “cutting edge mathematical models and statistical tools to study the ecology, conservation, and management of marine fisheries. 

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Student News: John Best

John Best was awarded the Fisheries-Sea Grant Joint Fellowship for the 2019-20 academic year. This fellowship program, administered by NOAA, supports doctoral students pursuing degrees in population and ecosystem dynamics as well as marine resources economics. 

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