Masters Bypass Option

Students admitted at the pre-master’s level may apply to proceed directly to post-master’s study after passing the QERM qualifying examination. Students pursuing a Master’s Degree By-Pass must:

  • Submit to the QERM Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) an email indicating their intent to pursue the master’s degree by-pass option as soon as possible after successfully passing the first-year qualifying examination. This notification will provide the GPC with an opportunity to counsel the student on the appropriateness of pursuing the master’s degree by-pass option.
  • Establish a master’s degree by-pass committee. This committee will typically consist of faculty already serving on the student’s master’s committee, but may also include additional faculty who may serve on their doctoral supervisory committee.
  • Provide evidence that they have reached a master’s level of competence in written completion of research. This will take the form of a paper that the by-pass committee has deemed ready for submission to a peer-reviewed journal pending some minor revisions. (If there are co-authors on the paper, there must be evidence showing that the student is responsible for the vast majority of the effort on the paper and that the student completed all the quantitative effort.)
  • Present their research at an advertised, public presentation such as a conference or seminar.
  • Provide the by-pass committee with a preliminary doctoral dissertation proposal.
  • Complete all coursework for the QERM master’s degree.
  • Obtain a letter from the chair of the by-pass committee that speaks to the support for the student’s by-pass and a funding plan.
  • Receive approval by the by-pass committee and the GPC.

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