QERM and CQS Unite

With both the Center for Quantitative Science (CQS) and the Quantitative Ecology and Research Management (QERM) programs now located in the College of the Environment, the two programs were recently administratively united. The decision to combine the programs was based on already existing administrative and faculty overlaps of the two programs, in addition to their long, interconnected histories that can be traced back to the late 1960s with the establishment of CQS in 1968 and the Biomathematics Program in 1969. The main goal of the change is to strengthen and build upon the unique, interdisciplinary educational and research opportunities that both programs provide for undergraduate and graduate students applying quantitative methods to issues in the fields of life sciences. The new hierarchy establishes the Center of Quantitative Science as the umbrella (or the administrative oversight) for both the Q SCI undergraduate minor and courses and the QERM graduate program.