Christine Stawitz (QERM Alum) Presents at Quantitative Seminar

QERM alum, Christine Stawitz, will be presenting at the UW School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (SAFS) Quantitative Seminar on March 12. She is currently a Stock Assessment Modeler, ECS Federal in support of NOAA Fisheries in Seattle. See the Quantitative Seminar page for more information about the series.

Christine Stawitz (Stock Assessment Modeler, ECS Federal in support of NOAA Fisheries)

Title: The life-changing magic of tidying…your code

Abstract: In this seminar, I will argue that quantitative fisheries scientists often end up re-using and sharing code. For this reason, writing replicable, high-quality scientific code has the potential to reduce error, make thesis-writing and manuscript review and publication less painful, give researchers more time to focus on scientific innovation by reducing duplication, and spark joy. Drawing heavily from “Good enough practices in scientific computing” (2017) by Wilson, Bryan, Cranston, Kitzes, Nederbragt, & Teal (PLoS Computational Biology), I will talk about the most useful and easiest-to-implement programming tools and practices researchers should consider adopting to improve their code quality and reproducibility. These include code conventions and naming practices, functional programming, writing basic code documentation, and implementing simple tests. Each topic will be touched on briefly, but reference links to more in-depth tutorials and examples will be provided. Examples will be given in R, but the guidance will be applicable to any software language. This information is geared to scientists who do not have lots of experience creating software tools and may be simplistic for those who have already created and published R packages.

Date/Time: March 1, 2019, 12:30pm-1:30pm

Location: FSH 203