Annual QERM Newsletter, 2020

Letter From the Director

Since taking the helm of QERM in 2013, I continue to be in awe of the deep history of the QERM program, and the strong ties that bind QERMies together even years after graduation.  It is that rich legacy that reminds me to tread carefully when charting a course for the future. Every program needs to continually evolve, but this evolution must not erode the core values on which the QERM has been built – interdisciplinary, quantitative training that relies on strong community. It’s truly a thrill to see so many new opportunities for QERM open up – as detailed in this newsletter – that strengthen these core values.

By all measures, QERM has had an amazing year.  We had our 10-year academic review (to rave reviews), we moved into our new (and fantastic) office space, and we added several outstanding faculty members that considerably expanded our disciplinary breadth. At the same time, we finally re-joined QERM and CQS (Center for Quantitative Sciences).  For those of you unfamiliar, CQS provides undergraduate teaching in mathematics and statistics for students in natural sciences (and increasingly, economics, psychology, etc.).  By linking together the undergraduate and graduate teaching strengths of these two programs, we’re thrilled to embark on a future where CQS and QERM act as the nexus of quantitative teaching and research throughout the College of the Environment and the University.

And finally, FINALLY, we have a new website!

Above all, QERM’s successes are measured by our student’s successes.  This year is no exception: in addition to another strong incoming class, our current and former students continue to excel.

As always, 2019-2020 will be a time for more evolution. We are particularly excited about opportunities to strengthen ties to other quantitative science fields to encourage even more interdisciplinary research to confront the mounting challenges of global change.  We’ll be taking a deep look at our core curriculum this year to ensure that we’re preparing our students for their thesis and dissertation research and beyond, and exploring more ways to connect QERMies with other quantitative scientists throughout the College.

Tim Essington, Director
Professor, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences


  • Program Update: QERM has moved to the College of the Environment…. (read more)
  • Introducing the 2019-20 Cohort: We are delighted to announce that five new QERMies joined the graduate program this fall… (read more)
  • Student Fellowships: We are always proud of our student’s accomplishments. Two of our students received fellowships to support their research and education this academic year: John Best and Lily McGill
  • Graduations: Congratulations to our recent graduates: Jim Faulkner and Hannah Sipe
  • New Faculty: QERM is always expanding its faculty to strengthen its interdisciplinary network. Last year, we added five new faculty members… (read more)
  • Alumni Highlights: Eric L. Charnov (1973 graduate) has received special recognition for his 1976 paper in Theoretical Population Biology;   Kiva Oken (2016 graduate) recently started a faculty position at UC Davis; Cole Monnahan (2017 graduate) accepted a position at National Marine Fisheries Service Alaska Fisheries Science Center.

Stay In Touch!

We are creating new ways keep in touch with the QERM community. This annual newsletter is one of them. You can also check out the news and events section of the CQS website. If you have something you would like published in our newsletter next year or on our website, please contact Erica Owens at

In addition, we will be adding an alumni page to our website soon. If you would like your name added to the alumni directory page, send an email to Erica Owens at Include your name, year you graduated from QERM, professional title, name of company/organization you work for, contact information, and website address.