Quantitative Seminar: Maria Kuruvilla

QERM graduate student, Maria Kuruvilla, will be presenting at the UW School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (SAFS) Quantitative Seminar on April 10, 2020. She is a master’s student in Dr. Andrew Berdahl’s lab.

[Note: The Quantitative Seminar series will be hosted online via Zoom this spring. To attend, please contact the seminar organizers (safsquan@uw.edu) for a link to the Zoom meeting.]

Maria Kuruvilla (QERM graduate student)

Title: Quantifying schooling behavior: Studying the effect of temperature and school size on the collective response of fish to a threat

Abstract: A number of factors affect schooling in fish which can have larger implications on the ecosystem. In this talk, I will describe the experiments we conducted to study the effect of water temperature and group size on how fish respond to a loom stimulus. I will describe the methods we used to quantify their behavior and preliminary results. Identifying the effect of water temperature on their ability to respond as a group to a threat can give us insight into how most fish, which are ectothermic, are vulnerable to fluctuations in external temperature. This can have an effect on predator prey interactions if an endothermic predator can take advantage of fish in cold waters or if the fish can compensate by changing their behavior.